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Screenshot of the post shared by Dimapur Police on its official Twitter account.

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Dimapur | June 26

For the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking in 2020, June 26, Dimapur Police took a trip down memory lane to when comics ruled by sharing an anti-drug message from that “era.”

Speaking to Twitter on the eve of the day, Dimapur Police “visited” Riverdale and shared a photo of Archie Comics’ drug slogan. Riverdale is a fictional American town where most of Archie Comics’ characters and storylines are turned.

“Back in the days when comics ruled #absolutely over ‘smart phones’. In memory of their slogans, ”the official Dimapur Police pseudonym tweeted, sharing a photo with the anti-drug slogan“ Say ‘no’ to drugs ”of Archie and other familiar characters from the comics.

He connected with his followers. “Good sense of humor this social media contact at Dimapur Police,” one commented while another said: “I swear @dimapurpolice has some super cool staff who run social media. . Bring back memories. ”

On June 26, the Twitter account shared photos of several activities undertaken during the day as “visual highlights of the day.”

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