Government Continuous Drugs Campaign in State: Haryana CM Khattar

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said on Thursday that the state government is continuously running a drug campaign, stressing that drug addiction is a threat and that anyone who starts using drugs does not understand the difference between good and bad.

Taking an anti-drug oath to students during a Sankalp Samaroh organized as part of the Karnal drug detox campaign at which Union Minister of State Kaushal Kishore was also present, he said that the abuse of various types of drugs causes great harm to the abuser and with the deterioration of physical strength, anyone who takes drugs becomes prone to several other diseases like cancer etc. Not only that, instead of taking care of their families, they start to spend their hard earned money on drugs and start to distance themselves from their families and society.

Making young people aware of the threat of drugs is the need of the hour and for this a detox campaign should be launched by every section of society in which maximum awareness of drug abuse should be disseminated among young people, declared the Chief Minister. He also appreciated the efforts of Union Minister Kaushal Kishore who is touring the country and leading an awareness campaign against drug addiction. He said that in addition to raising awareness about this threat, the Union Minister of State is also calling on young people to take action against drug addiction.

The chief minister said the current state government is waging a massive drug campaign. We should do our best to eradicate the threat of drug addiction completely, Khattar added. He also promised the students that they would not indulge in drug abuse or encourage it, and that they would also encourage those who took drugs to quit the bad habit.

Khattar said adequate arrangements have been made to combat the spread of the Omicron variant and that the government is constantly monitoring the situation.

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