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Thiruvananthapuram: In its battle against the menace of drugs, the Kerala government said on Friday that it plans to launch an anti-narcotics campaign as part of the program to raise awareness among students about drug addiction.

Ahead of the launch of the awareness campaign on October 2, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan met with representatives of faith-based and community organizations here, seeking their support for efforts to stop young people from using drugs.

During the meeting, the chief minister said that the integration of the campaign into the program was under consideration by the government, a statement from the CMO said.

All religious and community organizations expressed their support for the campaign, according to the statement.

In light of the new methods discovered for addiction, the Chief Minister said that in addition to the anti-narcotics campaign led by government law enforcement, public participation was essential in tackling the menace.

He called on religious organizations to mobilize people in large numbers for the campaign.

The Chief Minister urged these organizations to spread anti-drug messages on special occasions and to students attending Sunday schools, madrassas and other moral educational institutions.

“Everyone must unite without prejudice to ensure the future of the country and its children,” he said.

Vijayan said counselors would be appointed in schools and efforts would be made to find teachers capable of combating the threat of drugs.

“If you see a child under the influence of drugs, you must inform the people concerned without hiding the addiction. Child victims must be encouraged to live with respect for themselves. The active participation of students and youth organizations will also be assured in the fight against drugs,” said the Prime Minister.

More drug treatment centers would be opened in the state, he said. The contact details of people providing information on drug users would remain confidential.

He also ordered the artist community not to give heroic color to drug addicts in any art form.

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