Mangaluru: University Evening College Hosts Drug Addiction Awareness Program

Press release

Mangaluru, December 12: The Anti-Drug Unit at University Evening College, Mangaluru conducted a Drug Addiction – Effects, Prevention and Awareness program on December 11, 2021.
The resource person, Dr Srinivas Bhat Undaru, Department of Psychiatry, KS Hegde Hospital, Deralakatte, Mangaluru, spoke about drug addiction, its consequences and its solution. He said drug addiction runs deep and everyone has a duty to eradicate and liberate our society from drugs. At first they give free medicine, then they force the person to sell medicine for their needs. Once trapped, it is difficult to get out of the trap.

If you are fine, your mind is fine. Your body is fine. You will be able to follow your dreams. Drug addiction has spread to rich and poor alike without any class or religion. You would think that happiness comes from drugs, which is wrong. Happiness can be achieved in many good manners like hard work. Do not seek happiness for example, rather delay your gratification. If your goal is three years, allow five years for graduate school and the competition. Be inspired by role models like teachers, parents, Elders, and people who are good role models for society.

If a person offers a drug, say no directly by looking them in the eyes and face. If there is pressure, consider him an enemy and leave the place. Inform the police. As an individual, do not entertain yourself, which should become a duty of every citizen. Let us take the burden of eradicating this filth as an individual, which will be a boon to our government.

Another person from Resours Nagaraj S Shikaripura, PSI of Bunder Police Station, Mangaluru, spoke about the consequences of drug addiction. At first a so-called friend will motivate us to take drugs and then the person who has taken drugs will motivate himself and become addicted to drugs. First and foremost, we need to inform the police whenever we have a clue about drug dealers and drug users, which should be done as a duty. Drug addiction is a burning problem from the age of 13 through adulthood. The consumption or sale of drugs is a serious crime that can be punished under different laws. Consuming it can provide instant pleasure, but the consequences are fatal and you can end up in prison for life. An individual is destroyed for life by causing pain to his loved ones. Be careful when using social media as your complete data may be leaked to an unknown dangerous person. The speaker advised the students to instill the habit of reading inspiring books and spending their fruitful time in the library.

Dr Subhashini Srivatsa, the principal of the college, said that one should go for natural therapies like yoga and natural treatments, where one can evolve as beautiful and fresh instead of going for instant pleasures like drugs and alcohol.

On this occasion, the students were sworn in under the guidance of Dr Devadas Pai against drug addiction. Dr Jagadish B, the student social worker and Dr Madhava MK, deputy director of the students’ union were present on the scene. The program was followed by teaching and non-teaching staff.

Ganesh hosted the rally, Suresh Rao presented the program, and the vote of thanks was taken by Deeksha.

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