Obey launches campaign against alcoholism and drug addiction as he mourns the death of his son

Music legend Evangelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi has launched a new ministry/campaign titled “Ministry of Liberation from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction” (FADAM), as part of his efforts to join forces to the war on alcoholism and drug addiction, especially among the younger generation in Nigeria and the Diaspora.

The development, according to the music icon, is a separate ministry from his popular Decross Gospel Mission and Ebenezer Obey Evangelistic Ministry, to massively enlighten and educate young people about the dangers of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Obey, as he is affectionately known, also noted that FADAM will also become a way to help parents and families of children and young people with alcohol and drug addictions, as it will enable them to overcome challenges and make their children better citizens of society.

The octogenarian musician, who heard the news of the death of his son, Olayinka Obey-Fabiyi, during his short holiday in the UK, stressed that the reason for launching the new ministry became paramount in transforming the pains of death of his son, Olayinka Obey-Fabiyi in a ministry of solution to the parents and families of these children and young people going through the same experience.

Obey, who also expressed sadness over the death of his 48-year-old son, Olayinka Obey-Fabiyi, despite doing all he could as a father to help the deceased deal with his weakness, but to no avail .

“The doctors called me six months ago to inform me that there were less than six months left to live in Yinka, it was very painful and bad news that a father should not hear about his son , since then, “I have returned to the Holy Spirit to teach me what to do and the result of my communication with the Holy Spirit is the launching of this ministry.

“I have received several messages of condolences from each and every one, I thank and thank you all for your love and care. I also thank Yinka’s friends for their efforts and support and I must thank Shina Obey-Fabiyi ( my eldest son) for the coordination of all his younger brothers and sisters, for the extra and special care for Yinka until the end of his life. I also thank the pastors, the elders and the whole Decross family for everything.

“Once again! I appreciate all condolences, but let us turn our additional condolences instead to prayer support of this new ministry to help those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Job 22:21: “Now, get acquainted with God, and be at peace; that is how good will come to you. Get out of alcoholism, get out of drugs. Jesus loves you,” he added.

Obey also assured his fans and music lovers that the incident, while sad, would in no way affect all of his pending performance commitments, adding, “Note, all commitments and pledges remain valid and unaffected.”

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